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Evangelism should be a part of every Christian’s life. However, many believers are scared to death of this word, because they envision street corner proselytizing and door-to-door “cold calling.” Also, many Christians feel nervous speaking and unequipped to deal with peoples’ questions. Yes, some believers have a “gift of evangelism” and they’re called to reach out to the world in dramatic ways. However, all of us are called to be witnesses for Christ… and this should be a soft and natural extension of our everyday lives. Start that process here…

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  • Relational Evangelism: When seen as an organic process, the ‘decision’ for Christ is only the climactic step of a long, shared process.
  • Christian Witnessing Tools: Here's a place to start exercising the Great Commission in your own life.
  • Gift Of Salvation: Salvation is a gift through Jesus Christ. We can't do anything to earn it.
  • Salvation Via The Roman Road: What is the raod to salvation from our sins? Check out the roman road here.
  • Bible's Plan Of Salvation: The biblical foundation for our salvation. It's all about Christ's work on the cross.
  • Witnessing for Christ: Learn how to tell your friends and neighbors about God’s gift of eternal life. It is the most precious account you can share!
  • Road To Salvation: Here's a simple and concise presentation of the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Christian Testimony: Your experience with God as a believer is exactly that, Your experience with God! Share it today!
  • Leading A Friend To Become A Christian: If you have a friend who's ready to make a decision for Christ, here's an easy guideline to help.
  • Saved By Grace: We are saved by the loving act of Christ on the cross. Here's the biblical foundation.
  • Christian Work: We're called to travel to the ends of the earth and share the Good News of Jesus.
  • Forgiveness Of Sins: We've all broken God's holy standards. Here's the way to escape His punishment.
  • Passion of Christ: The passion and truth of Christ are revealed! Why was it necessary for Him to die on the cross?
  • What is Evangelism?: Sharing the love of Christ should be motivated by love. Share His perfect love today.
  • Prayers For Salvation: You're a heartfelt prayer away from repenting for your sins and trusting in Jesus Christ.
  • Orphans' Home: How can we help the orphans of the world? Here's a wonderful and effective way to help.
  • The Verse Of The Book Of John: The Gospel of John delivers the entirety of the Gospel. This one verse nearly does it alone.
  • The Biblical Roman Road: What's the roman road in the Bible? How does it apply to you and me today?

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